1. First, I made a mistake
  2. I put my own address even though I'm spending the holidays at my parents
  3. So my roommates got this and I wasn't there to open it
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  4. And this happened
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  5. So began the adventure!
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  6. Opening!
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  7. Some more. Good packaging.
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  8. Okay, really struggling with this
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  9. I was at urban outfitters thousands of km away trying on fuzzy hats with @arthritis
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  10. I wonder what's in that envelope
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  11. What does it say??
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  12. @jeremycyril !!! Thank you! V personal note. I know so much about you now 🙃
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  13. The amount of packaging is ridiculous, what is it?!?
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  14. Aziz Ansari's book! Modern Romance ❤️❤️
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  15. Too real, I certainly need some lessons on how modern romance works. I have no idea?!?
  16. My roomAte informed me she's already reading it
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    I will sadly have to wait till the new year when I go back
  17. Thank you @jeremycyril
    I live with 4 other girls and we will all be happily reading this book!!!😍