I am the most sane person in the world and people who do not agree with the following things are crazy
  1. I do not 'forget to eat'
    "I just got so busy and forgot to eat lunch and then I was at Pilates and forgot to have dinner and then it was just so late that I went to bed and forgot to eat all day!" WTF. I am always thinking of my next meal. It don't matter where I am or if I just finished a meal. There is no forgetting.
  2. I procrastinate
    "It's not due for two weeks but I just did it this weekend so I can start the next assignment" ew. Obviously you go out all weekend and then do everything Sunday night and pray that you wake up in time Monday morning to hand it in.
  3. I drink coffee
    Um, how do you make it through life without? Do you like, sleep 8 hours or take caffeine pills? I do not understand
  4. 2% milk
    I don't care what kind you drink but don't you dare try and tell me that 2% and skim taste the same. They do fucking not. One taste like water in my Cheerios and the other is creamy deliciousness.
  5. That is all.