Keeping in touch with long distance friends from across the country and across the globe can be difficult, but these people have reminded me how important it is and how much I care for them.
  1. A friend from overseas reconnected
    In my gap year I spent some time in Spain and created some wonderful but short relationships. Being thousands of mild away, we haven't talked much since then but a guy recently messaged me to say that he's in San Francisco till January and NYC over Christmas. He wants to meet up because my home is only 6.5 hours from NYC. It melted my heart a little that he would think of me. ❤️
  2. I called someone at 4:30 am and talked for 2 hours
    I was having a rough night and called my friend at 4:30am, after all of my roommates were asleep and I needed someone to talk to. She's in a different time zone so it wasn't as late for her, but she still stayed up for me. ❤️
  3. I read about myself on The List App
    She didn't mention me by name, but I knew. She talked about how hard it was when we left each other last and I remember feeling the exact same way at the time .❤️
  4. A friend asked me if I was happy and said she was the happiest she's been since 3 years ago, Around the time we met
    Her simple question of whether I was happy almost made me cry, but hearing that she was incredibly happy after knowing that she's been through a lot in that time, was even more touching. It inspired me a lot. ❤️
  5. An Instagram post from my friend
    I got a text saying she posted a photo of us because of the sad, but heartwarming in a way List another mutual friend had wrote. I felt united with the three of us, despite the fact we're in three different provinces. ❤️