I am thinking about what to eat next for about 90% of my life, so I thought I would take a look at the reasons behind what I ate today
  1. Open faced egg sandwich 🍞🍳
    Breakfast: I had one slice of bread left that I thought might go bad so while I would usually make egg sandwiches on English muffins, I opted for my one slice of bread (multigrain if you were wondering). I melted some old cheddar cheese on it because cheese makes everything better and some tomato because I thought I should eat a vegetable.
  2. Baked beans
    Also for breakfast: I opened a can of baked beans the other day when I had absolutely no food in the house and now they're open so I have to eat them even though I probably 100% never feel like them. Baked beans are incredibly average. And this was no name brand too because it's obvi the cheapest
  3. Black Tea with Milk
    Red rose to be specific. I decided that I should drink tea and not coffee this morning because my thought was scratchy and also two days ago I didn't have any coffee and it was like, the best day. Also there are signs all over campus saying coffee kills and I think they are affecting me more that I thought possible because I very much ❤️ coffee. Hmm.
  4. Buttermilk berry muffin
    Was in line at the coffee shop and it took so long that I had to stare at the muffins for a good 6 minutes and then I obviously wanted one. Also, it was 2.5 hours after breakfast and I was v hungry
  5. Coffee with cream ☕️
    Well, all that talk about tea. Fuck it. I almost fell asleep in my first class because I missed my caffeine. And there are only 16 people in that class. It's not cool to sleep. Also, I put cream instead of my usual mill because I wanted to feel special. I don't know why I attribute cream to feeling special.
  6. An apple 🍎
    Classic snack on the way to class. This one was particularly delicious except then I was walking and didn't know what to do with the core and so I ate it because that's a thing but then I accidentally ate the stem as well and it was bad and I couldn't spit it out because there were so many people around and I had already put my glove back on. V stressful
  7. Chili
    Lunch: In my one week phase of making food and freezing it for later I made some kick ass Chili. A cross breed between vegetarian and not one might say, I followed a vegetarian recipe and then added in ground beef too so it was extra yummy. It took two days to defrost, but it finally happened. Also, a recent discovery that Tupperware can actually go in the microwave (WHAT?!) and so I can bring it to school and heat it up there. I do truly feel incredible when I do this.
  8. 'Pot slickers'
    This is the PC name for dumplings, why? Idk. But, they are soooo bad! In the summer when I lived by metro, dumplings were widely available in the frozen section and I ate them EVERYDAY! Since moving back to Halifax I have been unable to find dumplings. One time I went to the Asian grocery store and managed to find some but they were not the cheap deliciousness I had come to know. So when I saw these at The Superstore I got incredibly excited and then they were the worst and I'm sad now.
  9. Sautéed kale and spinach 🍃
    Thought I needed some vegetables in my life but couldn't handle the idea of eating them raw so I sautéed some greens with garlic and salt and honestly wasn't expecting much but after the aforementioned disgust of the 'pot slickers' this was actually really good
  10. One bite of a zucchini patty
    My roomMate made Greek zucchini patties and she has been talking about them for weeks so, naturally, I had to try. It's fried zucchini, how could it possible be bad? Guess what? I was right! These things are great. Y'all should go eat zucchini patties. One full serving of vegetables and fat guaranteed. It's like health fries.
  11. An 'udderly divine' milkshake
    Corner store by my house won best convenient store and also sells the best milkshakes and what's even better? They gave us coupons in the mail for $1 milkshakes! So obviously I got my roomAte and headed over. We both got udderly divine milkshakes which is vanilla ice cream with fudge swirl and peanut butter chocolate cups. They also give you the metal cup with the extra to drink while you pay. So sweet. I felt sick afterwards but so worth it.
  12. Peppermint tea
    My throat still kinda hurt and this was one of two non caffeinated teas so...choice was limited.
  13. Shreddies and 2% milk
    Cereal is a pretty classic before bed snack for me. Usually it's Cheerios but Shreddies were $2 cheaper (on sale) so I had to get them