1. It was HOT today here in Bonnie Scotland, like 70 degrees (that's tropical for here) so I partook of an hour's sunbathing & burnt the backs of my thighs, now I can barely sit on my ass.
  2. I discovered I'm going to see COLDPLAY at Hampden Stadium in Glasgow next week. Free ticket, yay!! Although I'm sad my friend split with her BF & I'm getting his ticket.
    He was a total asshole though. Absolute twunt.
  3. I discovered I really like hot camomile tea & I'm thinking of experimenting with other fruit/herbal teas.
    I'm British so must only drink milky hot tea as a general rule or I could be deported/fined/imprisoned for treason.
  4. I broke the washing machine AND the shower.
    That IS pretty impressive, right?
  5. Did I mention I'm going to see COLDPLAY??!
    Next week. In Glasgow. I'm very excited.