1. So Coldplay were AWESOME.
    55,000 audience. That's a LOT of Scots👍🏻
  2. Static
  3. I became very emotional during Fix You. DAMN that is a beautiful song.
  4. We all got these light-up bracelets which lit up in time with the music & stage lights.
    It was so pretty. And emotional. Man, I was emotional.
  5. This is Hampden Park, in Glasgow. This is where Coldplay played, it is enormous by Scottish standards. Birthplace of the 'Hampden Roar' & the source for many tears of joy (but mostly sadness when we get beaten by England) when our national football (soccer) team play there.
  6. Chris Martin has extremely high energy levels. Must be that crazy-ass macrobiotic diet. And he seems rather lovely & kind.
  7. I was a bit miffed they didn't play Everything's Not Lost but I'll get over it. Eventually.
  8. ps don't be hatin', you love them too😜