It's a thing. I saw it in a shop today.
  1. There are like, 700 stupid-ass named characters. Does that mean there could be up to 700 players?
  2. If I couldn't be Brienne of Tarth I just wouldn't want to be ANYBODY. I'm in a huff just thinking about it.
  3. Remember 'Community Chest' where you could pick a card & something nice might happen? Well, nothing nice happens in Game Of Thrones. Or, maybe you might get 'Collect 50 doubloons or whatever & you will not get your throat cut today'. That'd be a decent one.
  4. How do you factor rampant incest into Monopoly?
  5. As last entry, but raging misogyny instead.
  6. Why would anyone want to buy a property anywhere?? Ok well maybe except the nice sunny place where the Dragon Mom lives. You definitely wouldn't get the sun behind that stupid massive wall.
  7. Feel free to add to this list. There has to be at least 50 more reasons.
  8. The properties would allow you to "build a sanctuary for holding heathens" or "build an outhouse."
    Suggested by @MichaelRose