John Steinbeck is my favourite author & was a real dog enthusiast, his dog characters were pretty much just as great as his human characters. He said :- 'A dog is a bond between strangers'
  1. Señor Alec Thompson (Tortilla Flat)
    My highest rated Steinbeck dog because of his loyalty to his owner - the Pirate - and his name. Best dog name ever. Airedale/Mutt.
  2. Candy's Dog (Of Mice And Men)
    Possibly the most heart-wrenching of all of Steinbeck's dogs. He doesn't have a name, Candy had him since he was a pup, and *SPOILER ALERT* he gets euthanized, and it's very, very sad for Candy, and the reader😢.
  3. Charley (Travels With Charley)
    Named in the title. Real dog, not a character. Proper friend & watchdog. Born in France, responds to commands in French only. Standard Poodle.
  4. Doubletree Mutt (The Red Pony)
    Another outstanding name. A big, shambling, kinda dumb dog. The recipient of many of Jody's pranks, and you feel really sorry for him. Poor Doubletree Mutt😢
  5. The Joad Dog (The Grapes Of Wrath)
    Another poor wee mutt. *SPOILER ALERT* He gets hit by a car before the Joads have even left Oklahoma, and his death seems to foretell all the misfortune which will befall the Joads😳