Things That Are Surprising Me/Dawning On Me Today

  1. I realise the actor @bjnovak created this app. This seemed cool to me as I LOVED him in Saving Mr Banks. But I did not realise he was in The Office (?!?!?) (I've only seen the British one). So now I must embark on a GIANT netflix binge.
    I had noticed there were a LOT of lists which mentioned The Office. FFS, catch UP, woman!
  2. When I get off the plane in San Francisco in a couple weeks the absolute FIRST thing I will do is get a 'pink drink' from Starbucks, as mentioned by @marginally_amazing
  3. I removed the facebook app from my devices a week ago & I haven't missed it. Turns out I don't actually need the gratification! Huh.
  4. Turns out I really like Peaky Blinders after all.
    After whining about the first episode being 'style over substance', I tried again.
  5. I've realised that Deadwood is/was the greatest TV show of all time.
    IMO☺️ Fuckin' Pinkertons!
  6. There are others that come pretty close though.
    Twin Peaks, Better Call Saul, The West Wing etc
  7. My cat actually LIKES me. Like, she's a spoiled princess & everything but, she LIKES me.
  8. That this photo is as true today as it was 12 weeks ago.
    I'm going on vacation in 10 days. Might as well just eat the damn donut *sigh*