She's truly inspirational & I'm grateful for every day I have her.
  1. Mrs Jean Drummond Bickers, born Edinburgh, May 1923
  2. She was a professional singer, entertaining WW2 troops with her 'big band' all around the UK & Europe.
  3. She was also in the army, joining up aged 17, as a gym instructor.
  4. She had a pen-pal named Bert Bickers, he was from Llanrwst in North Wales, and they wrote to each other during the war while he was stationed in North Africa, and she was stationed on the Orkney Islands. He proposed to her by letter before they even met, and married as soon as they were de-mobbed.
    He was my lovely, gentle Grandad and he passed away 20 years ago.
  5. So she has outlived him by 20 years. Can you imagine? She's the bravest lady I know.
  6. She's STILL being brave, with a new hip & various age-related severe medical conditions. She still lives at home, on her own.
  7. But it's getting harder.
  8. Because her mind is still razor-sharp.
    She has been getting depressed lately & her spirits are very low. Her body can no longer keep up with her brain.
  9. It's really hard to watch, and today there is talk of her moving to a care facility, and social workers are taking steps to help us find the right place.
  10. How can I help?? I want to fix her. How can I cope with watching her decline?
    Fear of losing someone makes you feel pretty selfish. It seems to be all about how *I* feel.
  11. She has influenced everything I have ever done.
  12. I am just 'being there' for her.
  13. I want to thank her for being so full of life and independence.
  14. Today I'm celebrating who she is, and who she was.
  15. I just want to ask everyone who still has elderly parents/grandparents to GO VISIT THEM. Companionship is the BIGGEST thing they need. Make the time❤️
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