1. That one great sneeze that you've been holding in all day.
    After finally releasing that sneeze, you feel like you were born into a new world after a huge earthquake.
  2. Letting out a huge fart after holding it in all day.
    Ever eaten so much that you know you're gonna fart? Well, sometimes your butthole and stomach don't talk to each other, so a fart builds up until your hole wants to open up. Releasing this kind of fart feels like an atom bomb of emotions throughout your body.
  3. Reaching that itch you can never get.
    This is self explanatory.
  4. When she continuously fondles your phallic member with her oral aperture, despite the clear disposal of seminal fluid.
  5. Sleeping in on your day off after a hectic week at work.
    It's time to get naked and stay in bed. Order your pizza, and eat your ice cream until you feel disgusting and relaxed at the same time.