Let me preface this by saying I am the least woodsy outdoorsy person there is. Complete city dweller. Also hooked on watching Alaskan Bush People.
  1. They are creating their own town in the middle of nowhere Alaska!!!
    Watching this show bring new appreciation to the word "pioneer". These guys bought an island in the middle of nowhere... inhabited by thousands of bears. Seems like a good place to start a town where your entire family will live.
  2. It makes you feel like a giant wimp complaining about any modern convenience
    Hate your daily commute? How about a couple hours in a boat just to reach the nearest town. Plumbing? Electricity? A phone?... Nope, they don't have any of those. The guys from Duck Dynasty might as well be living at the Ritz Carlton when compared to the Alaskan Bush People.
  3. Family First
    Yes, they are weird as hell. No idea why anyone would want to live like they do. They are in it together though.... and they are clearly a very tight knit family. A lot to be admired in that level of dedication to your loved ones.
  4. Keep It Simple Stupid
    Every single episode is a constant reminder that the most important things in life are a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food in your stomach. Really makes you want to remove some of the cluttered nonsense from your life.
  5. Completely baffling that they are not constantly freezing and shivering
    I live in the south. Everything about the climate in this show makes me think "How are they not wearing ten layers of clothes?" Convinced I would die from hypothermia within a week of living in the Alaskan Bush.
  6. They made up their own unique accent
    Seriously. It's like a crazy social experiment.
  7. Static