Some of my favorite pictures of my cat (from the last year)

In honor of my boy turning 2 on Tuesday. These are in no particular order.
  1. Last summer when it was about 90° and we didn't have AC. It's sad how miserable he looks but he captured my emotion perfectly
  2. His favorite toy had been lost for months. I found it and he couldn't contain himself.
  3. Even though he's a giant cat, he can still be a cuddle bug and can fall asleep anywhere (featuring my roommate at the time)
  4. Any day that he falls asleep in my arms is a beautiful day.
  5. Hans has some serious FOMO. Here he was trying to get some sleep, but didn't want to miss anything exciting that might happen while I wrote a paper.
  6. About 3 times in his life I've caught him with his tongue out and it always cracks me up. I was thrilled to catch it with my camera.