I graduated from college on Saturday and am feeling very unprepared for life and here are some reasons why...
  1. Even though I know how to cook (quite well actually) I would always choose a can of cheese ravioli over cooking if it's around.
    I mean, come on. Why waste an hour and a half cooking when food could be hot in a minute and a half instead?
  2. I usually do not do my dishes until I run out of something essential.
    I hate to admit it, but I have actually considered throwing away some of my dishes because I know this about myself.
  3. If I think I can get away without showering, I will choose the extra 20 minutes of sleep every time.
    Every day is just a suggestion, right?
  4. My cat tends to have a more stocked and ready restroom than I do.
    Dirty litter box? Gross. But we may or may not have resorted to using Kleenex as toilet paper a time or two...
  5. Any reason to drink is a great one.
    Birthday? Great! Party? Even better! It's Tuesday and there was a sale on gin? Bring it on.