1. I'm a teacher
    Remember that sticky sweaty almost summer break feeling of yesteryear? Well while you're in your air conditioned job I'm reliving that daily
  2. There's no alternatives
    Cold? Fuzzy blanket! Comforting nostalgic hoodie! Hot? Suffer or be publicly humiliated by your nudity.
  3. I run ten degrees hotter than my girlfriend
    In the winter it's cute i can warm her up. When I'm so hot and she's not it's hard to be polite in saying get away from me.
  4. WI has no traditional in between
    I shit you not. I graduated 11 days ago and it was 30 something degrees and hailing at the ceremony. Tomorrow is supposed to be 88 degrees. How can my body transition??
  5. I have no AC
    Even coming home is a hot stickiness