I had a mission this year - watch as many nominated movies as possible. By my count, there are 62 nominees across all the categories for tonight. I was able to watch 47 of them!
  1. 20th Century Women
    Definitely will watch later. I just managed to miss it in the theaters and it's not out to rent yet.
  2. Allied
    Same as above.
  3. Deepwater Horizon
    Not interested.
  4. Elle
    Haven't decided yet if I'll watch this eventually. May be too intense.
  5. Fire at Sea
    The one nominated doc I didn't get to, but I hope to see eventually.
  6. Land of Mine
    This one looks great! Can't wait to see it later.
  7. My Life as a Zucchini
    Eh, I'll probably never watch this.
  8. Nocturnal Animals
    Can't decide if I'll like it, but I'll definitely watch it soon.
  9. Pear Cider and Cigarettes
    The one animated short I couldn't find online.
  10. The Red Turtle
    I doubt I'll ever end up seeing this one.
  11. Silence
    Definitely want to see this. It's a great book.
  12. Tanna
    I'll rent this one soon.
  13. Toni Erdmann
  14. Trolls
    Not interested
  15. Watani: My Homeland
    The one documentary short I couldn't find online.