Via my grandfather via my dad
  1. My dad gave each of my siblings a book from my grandfather's life tonight.
  2. I work in ministry and graduated from seminary, so he chose to give me a Bible Dictionary from 1902 that my grandad's grandad had given him.
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  6. Inscription
  7. Text of the inscription (with a couple question marks due to old handwriting)
    January 1st 1938 I have been using this book for nearly five years. I first borrowed it from the owner Rev. D.G. (?) Wallace who has just closed (?) a pastorate of the Presbyterian Church of five years. I have found this book of great value in my work as teacher of the Bible Class and in all work where a reliable Bible Dictionary is indicated. When Bro. Wallace was ready to leave Sallisaw for other fields, he kindly gave me this book, saying that he had other works covering the same ground.
  8. Continued
    I appreciate this very highly and am glad to accept it as an incident (?) of our friendship. I do not know how long I will need this book, but it is in good condition and with proper care should last many years - at least many years longer than I will. So, wishing it to be put to good use I wish it to be given to my grandson Robert Wilson Hines III as I am sure he will use it to good advantage. William H. Rogers
  9. And now it's mine!