1. So last night I was watching episode 12 of the first season of Beverly Hills 90210
    Side note: season one is mostly boring. Each episode is like a "very special" episode of an 80s sitcom. Lots of life lessons. The lesson in this episode is about teen motherhood, I guess. But if what I learned from the Lifetime behind-the-scenes movie about this series is correct, the drama will really pick up in season two.
  2. In this episode, Brendan starts dating a senior who also happens to have a baby.
    The teen mom is played by the woman who also played the pizza delivery woman in the Friends episode where Ross tries to flirt.
  3. Hijinks ensue, of course, and Brendan learns that he likes kids or whatever.
  4. But here's where we get to my question.
  5. There's a long scene in which the baby is full-on crying basically the whole time.
  6. Like, screaming, red face, tears everywhere crying.
  7. It's not like in Full House or something where you hear crying but don't actually see the baby crying.
    I know the sound of your voice, Dave Coulier, even if you're off screen pretending to be Michelle.
  8. That baby was NOT acting like it was upset. That baby was truly, really crying.
  9. And I've seen this in other movies/shows with babies.
  10. My question: how is that okay? How is that not child abuse?
    Related questions: how do they get the babies to cry that hard? How do they feel okay just filming it and acting around it? How do the baby's parents, who I assume are just off-camera, feel about this?
  11. It's just weird and I legitimately want to know how this part of child acting works.
  12. So...anyone have any insight? Anyone ever wondered the same thing and researched it?