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  1. As always, our talking points started with the girls writing major take-aways on the board.
  2. 1. Always reflect on what God has done for us!
  3. Most of Deuteronomy is a retelling of the the Israelite story from Exodus-Numbers. They're on the verge of entering the promised land and Moses wants to make sure they remember what they've been through and how far God has brought them.
  4. It's a good reminder for us that we need to do the same for ourselves. It's important to reflect on what God's taught us so that we don't keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
  5. It's also important to reflect on how God's always been there for us so that even when we DO make mistakes over and over, we can remember that He is always faithful and will never leave us.
  6. 2. "Do not be afraid. The Lord your God Himself will fight for you."
  7. This is an excellent verse. As they're about to battle for the promised land, they're certainly scared. But Moses reminds them that God's on their side and He's actually the one who's fighting for them anyway! They just have to trust Him.
  8. We need to remember this today! Knowing that God is on my side and that He will always do what's best for me, helps me to stand strong when things are hard.
  9. 3. Worship the Creator, not the things He created.
  10. Idolatry was certainly a problem in the wilderness (and throughout the rest of the history of God's people). From the golden calf on, the people struggled with getting their worship in the right place.
  11. I know too often in my own life, I focus on the gifts God gives instead of worshipping Him. There are plenty of good things that become bad things in my life when I forget the correct order of things. I always need this reminder to look to God in worship instead of the things and people in my life.
  12. 4. God gets jealous (praise hands!)
  13. This one's funny and can seem weird without explanation.
  14. A major theme in Deuteronomy is God's jealousy. As His people turn away from Him at different points, God reminds them that they're His and He won't let them bail for something less.
  15. To us, that can sometimes sound bad, but we've got to look at it from God's perspective. If I get jealous about someone in my life, it usually is dumb because it comes across possessive and condescending and like I don't realize that the other person is an independent being. I don't truly have a right to get jealous because they're not mine.
  16. But if you think about a marriage, if one spouse was turning away from the other, it actually is okay to get jealous. They've made a promise to belong to each other in a sense, to love each other exclusively, to be together. If a spouse didn't get jealous when the other turned away, people would say they didn't actually love them.
  17. Throughout the Bible, God's relationship to His people is consistently likened to a marriage. So when His spouse turns away from Him, it is right for Him to get jealous and remind them of their relationship! His jealousy proves His love, hence the praise hands.
  18. 5. Israelites are still annoying idiots
  19. They're still struggling, y'all. Making a lot of mistakes. But it's really mostly annoying because we see ourselves in them. But God is faithful when we aren't!
  20. Bonus content: the handout I gave the girls.
  21. I hope this is encouraging! I really love studying this book. And Moses is such an incredible leader and man, that I found myself crying at the end when he died!