Part of my job at my church is meeting with college girls. Four of them asked if we could do a Bible boot camp where we study the whole thing together this year. It was only one of the greatest questions anyone's ever asked me! I thought I'd start sharing some of our discussions here in case anyone's interested.
  1. We started with Exodus because most of us had done a bible study in Genesis last year, so I'll start with Exodus here as well.
    Although that kinda kills me, so I may do a Genesis list someday soon.
  2. This was our first meeting together, so we added a little more as we started meeting consistently.
  3. First thing we did was have them write on the board what they'd learned before we talked about anything.
    The first thing is a little inside joke. Ignore it.
  4. 1. The Israelites SUCK (aka WE SUCK!)
  5. A huge thing we come across throughout Exodus is that the Israelites just can't seem to get it together. They're trying often, but they fail just as much.
  6. All of us saw a clear correlation between the journey of the Israelites and our own lives.
  7. It should be so easy to just act on what we know is true and live according to what God's told us, right? Well, what seems easy just doesn't always work out that way. It's frustrating, but true.
  8. We talked a lot about how, when we get frustrated with the Israelites as we read, we've gotta turn that right back on ourselves and think about ways we can change and not be like them.
  9. 2. For some reason, God wants to reside with the Israelites (aka us) and yet they complained and fought it.
  10. What a crazy thing to think about - the God of the universe wants to have a relationship with us!!! It's so unreal and undeserved and unnecessary for Him to do that, but He loves us so much.
  11. And yet, how often do we complain about stuff? How often do we take for granted that He wants to be with us? We're a mess.
  12. 3. God chooses to save us when it would be way easier to destroy us.
  13. This totally goes along with 2. When we take Him for granted and don't care about being in a relationship with Him, it would be so much easier for Him to just say "okay then, forget it."
  14. I know that's what I'm tempted to do when people treat me the way I can often treat God.
  15. And yet, He's SO much better than me (what an understatement) and He will never give up on me! Unbelievable.
  16. That's the main stuff we talked about the first week! I mean, we talked for 2 hours, so there was plenty more, but those are the 3 main takeaways we kept coming back to.
  17. Hope that's encouraging to y'all! I'll post about our Leviticus discussion soon.