Thanks for the request @boygirlparty! Although I'm wondering if someone told you I have a problem and this is a secret intervention. I may need professional help.
  1. Okay here we go. These are the stacks of books on my shelves that I've purchased but haven't read yet.
    It's out of control. But when I finish one book, it's pretty nice to have lots of options for the next one!
  2. I also might have 6 more books currently in the mail on their way to me. Oops.
  3. Stack 1
    Founding Brothers is the actual next book on my list because I'm in an obsessive Revolutionary reading phase. I've read A Little Princess before, but I got a beautiful new edition, so I'm pumped for a reread!
  4. Stack 2
    Lots of Wodehouse in all these stacks. Half-Price Books had a sale and I bought a ton of his books at once because I want to read them all.
  5. Stack 3
    I've read Prince Caspian before, but I've been wanting to make my way through Narnia again.
  6. Stack 4
    Got an amazing Roald Dahl box set last summer and I've been making my way through it! You can see behind this stack there are 7 from it that I've already read.
  7. Stack 5
    Like I said, I really like Wodehouse.
  8. Stack 6
    I also have a life goal to read all Agatha Christie books, so I usually buy too many of them at HPB as well.
  9. Stack 7
    Some kids books I want to get to eventually.
  10. Stack 8
    The leadership one is for work, and I've always gotta have some Jesus books coming up in the mix
  11. Stack 9
    These are the books sitting next to my bed but not finished yet for whatever reasons.
  12. Okay, that's it. I'm embarrassed. But also excited for all the reading in my future!
  13. Anyone see anything here you love and think I should read next?