Thanks for the suggestion @michael_circa91!
  1. The Temptations
    Look at 'em! Style. Class. Our song would be "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"
  2. The Beach Boys
    Okay, this is mostly the version of The Beach Boys that features Uncle Jesse singing "Forever." I'd 100% harmonize with Stamos.
  3. The Beatles
    Do they even count as a boy band? It's my list, I'll do what I want. I'm in this to harmonize with Paul on pretty much anything. I mean, look at that face!! Unconventional favorite - "I've Just Seen a Face." PS - I picked this pic because he looks the most like someone you can't take home to mom. But make no mistake, there wouldn't be any harmonizing until that cigarette is long gone and I can't smell it anymore. 😖
  4. NSYNC
    Alright, let's get into some classic boy bands. I'll be harmonizing with my man Justin on their classic hit "Gone." As a bonus track, I'll be crushing Nelly's raps from "Girlfriend" and Justin will love me more than ever.
  5. Boyz II Men
    "I'll Make Love to You" obviously. What a song.
  6. NKOTB
    Number 1 in my heart 4ever and ever. I love them so much, they each get their own spot on this list. (I mean, Danny and Jon don't get a spot, of course. Let's not be ridiculous. I'm not here to harmonize with doofs.)
  7. Jordan Knight
    We'll be harmonizing on "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)"
  8. Donnie Wahlberg
    First things first, Donnie, let's cut off that rat tail. Then we can harmonize on "Cover Girl"
  9. Joey McIntyre
    First bae. Let's harmonize on "Please Don't Go, Girl."