These are the songs I rock the most when I'm cruising in Bluda, my blue minivan. Check out the shower hits here: SHOWER SONGS: MY GREATEST HITS
  1. Side One: Songs for the drive there
    Usually when I'm on my way someplace, the set list tends to be more about getting pumped up.
  2. Kiss
    All hail Prince 😘
  3. You Oughta Know
    Alanis. A little intense, but really fun to sing.
  4. Girlfriend
    NSYNC featuring Nelly. My best rapping is Nelly's part in this song.
  5. Sara Bareilles
    "I Choose You" and "Gonna Get Over You" are the faves
  6. Heartbreaker
    I love Mariah forever. And I love Jay Z's rap in this song.
  7. Fire
    Babyface and Des'ree. I only sing her part, obviously.
  8. So What
    Field Mob and Ciara. Underrated gem.
  9. Huey Lewis and the News
    "Power of Love" and "If this is It" mostly
  10. Good Girls Go Bad
    Cobra Starship and Leighton Meester. I don't know why I like this song so much.
  11. Matt Nathanson
    Most songs from the last 3 albums.
  12. Side Two: Songs for the drive home
    Heading home has a more chill vibe.
  13. I Could Start Fires
    David Ramirez
  14. Never Let Me Go
    Rachel Portman
  15. Give In to Me
    Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester. (How is she on here twice?)
  16. Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen
    I pretty much love any duet they've ever done from Nashville. Absolute faves are "Lately" and "Fade Into You"
  17. Everything Has Changed
    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran
  18. Kiss Me
    Ed Sheeran
  19. Autumn Leaves
    Paula Cole's version
  20. Why Should I Care
    Diana Krall
  21. I Just Knew
    Better than Ezra
  22. On My Own
    Les Mis
  23. Not in that Way
    Sam Smith