Catching up on some Jeopardy on the DVR (yes, I record Jeopardy) and I've been watching last month's college championship episodes. This list will have the Final Jeopardy from each episode. I'll make a separate list with the correct responses so everyone can quiz themselves! That's fun, right?! 🤓
  1. Etymology
    This word referring to someone who is not an expert is from the Latin for "love"
  2. Moments in History
    This word follows January (China, 1967); March (Germany, 1848); July (France, 1830); and famously, October
  3. 19th Century Books
    "Instinct", "Hybridism", and "Geographical Distribution" are chapters in this book
  4. US Presidents
    He was the only 20th century president who never delivered an inaugural address
  5. Royalty
    In 1604, for a special project, he approved a list of scholars to work at Westminster, Cambridge, and Oxford
  6. World Literature
    It was originally published in 1915 under the German title "Die Verwandlung", meaning "The Transformation"
  7. Children's Authors
    At 24 he began a verse retelling of the Cupid and Psyche myth, including a character named Caspian
  8. Names in the News
    When this man joined Twitter in September 2015, his first follow was the National Security Agency's account
  9. The US Senate
    During his senate service, which lasted from 1973 to January 2009, this man cast 12,810 votes