Inspired by an Instagram comment from @erinflusche. It had been about a month since I'd picked up my regular comics and I found myself with some free time today, so I treated myself to a few hours of reading. Alternate title for this list: Comic Books on My Subscription List
  1. Secret Wars #9
    The final book in the Secret Wars event. As a whole, the series was fine, but not my favorite. Occasionally confusing.
  2. The Mighty Thor #3
    It's been fun following this series with Thor as a woman! Plus Loki is back and that's usually fun.
  3. All-New Hawkeye #3
    I love Clint Barton, but if I were going to cancel one sub, it would probably be this one. Good, but not always riveting.
  4. Ms. Marvel #1-3
    People were really excited when they announced that the new Ms. Marvel was a teenage Muslim girl, and the series has really lived up to the hype! Kamala is a wonderful character and it's fun to watch her figure out how to handle her powers and her different roles in life.
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy #1-4
    I love this team. Especially now that it includes Kitty Pryde. I'm always down to read a series that includes her.
  6. Nova #3
    A couple years ago, the manager of my comic shop told me to take home issue 1 of Nova and pay for it next time, if I liked it, or just return it, if I didn't. He knew me well because since then it's been one of the books I most look forward to.
  7. Captain Marvel #1
    Carol. Freaking. Danvers. What a badass. She's my hero.
  8. Amazing Spider-Man #3-6
    No competition, Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. I love Peter Parker.
  9. Angel and Faith #22
    When they decided to continue Buffy's story in comic book form with a season 8, I was so excited. Years later, we're in season 10 of a story that's told in two series. One series is Angel and Faith in London...
  10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer #22-23
    ... and the other series is Buffy and the crew in America. There are crossovers and magic and surprised and fights and wit. I love it.
  11. All-New Archie #5
    There have been a lot of nostalgic revivals lately, and this one might be my favorite. When we were kids, @erinflusche and I used to hole up in this giant cabinet in our grandparents' bathroom and read Archie comics. We've loved the Riverdale gang basically our whole lives. Having them back and updated for modern times is SO FUN!