Probably shouldn't, but definitely do. Feel free to add yours!
  1. When people call this guy Uncle Joey.
    Yes, some people call their parents' close friends "uncle" or "aunt" but the Tanner kids NEVER called him Uncle Joey. It was always just Joey. I promise. Feel free to rewatch the whole series if you want to double-check me. And if you find evidence that proves me wrong, please tell me!
  2. Musical assault
    This is what I call it when people force me to listen to their music without asking. There's a guy I work with who constantly walks around singing loudly. Or sometimes people will just start playing some song on their phone and tell me to listen to it. No thank you. Also, don't unplug my phone in my own car and plug yours in without my permission. Just don't. Keep your mitts off my aux cable.
  3. Weird people who wait with nothing to do
    You know when you're in a waiting room or at an airport or something like that and someone sits down and just stares into the distance? They 100% knew they'd be waiting and yet they have nothing to do but stare. Why didn't you bring a book or a magazine? Why don't you at least take out your phone and play a game? Why are you just staring?!?! It's extremely disconcerting.
  4. The fake "how are you?"
    If we're clearly just passing in the hallway and we're for sure not going to stop to chat, there is absolutely no need to ask how I'm doing. Even if I try to answer, we'll already be far away from each other. I certainly can't say more than "fine" or some equivalent. Just say hello and leave it at that. I promise that's good enough. And if you ask me how I am as we're passing, you better believe my only response will be "hey!" I'm not playing this fake politeness game.
  5. When people complain about their lives being a hectic mess & then admit they don't use a planner
    It makes life soooo much easier!! And how do you remember to do any school work help
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