Inspired by @alys. I consider my bedroom walls basically a gallery for my artistically-inclined friends.
  1. Given to me for serving in the college ministry at my church.
  2. My bestie wrote down the lyrics to Mariah's "Breakdown" in middle school and found it in her old room. She gave it to me with her tennis team pic from high school and I added the ticket stub from when we finally got to see her in concert.
    (And yes, some of these lyrics are wrong. Oh for the days of learning lyrics from the radio without the benefit of Google.)
  3. I won this autographed photo of Mrs. Voorhies at a trivia contest before a midnight screening of Friday the 13th Part IV. A very proud moment in my life.
  4. I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding and she made individualized paintings for each of us as a gift! Best idea for a bridal party gift I've ever seen. This is mine because we both like watching How I Met Your Mother at the time.
  5. 3 pieces my friend Stacey gave me for my birthday one year.
  6. My weirdo friend Geoff drew this for me. It's a monster who wants to eat puppies.
    He's in a sorta famous band and I sometimes wonder how much I could get for this on eBay. Probably not enough to ever sell it.
  7. A gift from my friend Allison.
  8. By the same friend who wrote the Mariah lyrics
  9. The only thing on the walls that I actually made. It was an illustration for a bible study I led once - a representation of Revelation 4.
  10. My friend, Michael Flusche (@erinflusche's husband), painted this for me back when we were all obsessed with Heroes.
  11. A pic my friend Will took
  12. Bought this on my first of 7 mission trips to Guatemala
  13. On a mission trip to Costa Rica, a local kid was showing us a huge binder of his drawings. They were mostly all anime-based, and this is from one I've actually watched - Fullmetal Alchemist. He sold it to me and said I was the first person to ever buy his art
  14. Went to a random gallery in Seattle and they were selling pictures kids had drawn to raise money for their school. I bought this one because it's hilarious and weird.
  15. My lovely sister @enh88 painted this for me once after I told her this was my favorite book cover
  16. Also from Elise. She gave this to me for my birthday this year. It's a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream made up of words from the play.
    Check out Litographs.com to see more awesome stuff like this!
  17. My friend Rachel is a great photographer and she gave me these one year. They're all taken from a Guatemala trip we went on together.
  18. Crosses I've collected from places I've traveled and some that friends have given me. Plus my Hines family #tbt collage.
  19. A painting by my grandmother. This one used to hang above the mantle in her house.
  20. Another painting by Grandma. Found this one back in her closet with a bunch of others. Makes me think of Huck Finn.
  21. Another painting from Elise
  22. And now for some photos by Elise!
    Taped to the corner of the bearded guy pic is something I cut out from a magazine. It's basically the exact picture my sister took, but of Ray LaMontagne. She's such a trendsetter.
  23. Friends and family. These pictures are all pretty old, but I like them too much to switch them out for new ones.
  24. And finally, this is the Superhero Wall above my bed. No girl has ever been more protected while she sleeps.
  25. Superhero wall detail 1: Cap v. Iron Man by Michael Flusche
  26. Superhero wall detail 2: Wolverine and Cyclops by Michael Flusche
  27. Superhero wall detail 3: Captain America (Bucky Barnes) by Michael Flusche
  28. Superhero wall detail 4: my friend Ryan made this collage of Spider-Man comic panels for me. My favorite superhero of them all!