Thanks for the challenge, @bjnovak! First of all, check this out if you haven't read it yet: HOW WE SOMETIMES DECIDE WHAT MOVIE TO WATCH
  1. I'd never thought about how to play this game digitally before, but after some late-night brainstorming with @calliestorie, I think we came up with something fun.
  2. Step One: Add a new profile to your Netflix account
    This will involve a lot of manipulating your list, so you probably don't want to play with your main profile.
  3. Step Two: Let each person playing add a certain number of movies to the list
    That number will depend on how long you want to play
  4. Tip: Don't watch as everyone adds their choices so it's a fun surprise when you scroll through the list!
  5. Now you've got your choices!
  6. Step Three: Pass the remote/laptop/iPad/whatever around and let each person take turns deleting movies from the list
  7. Repeat Step Three until you've got two choices left
  8. The last person gets to choose the movie!
  9. Final Step: Press play!
    I'm actually probably going to watch this movie tonight.