Inspired by @amieshmamie - It does not work if you're going to watch something digitally. But if you've still got DVDs, give it a try! (Featuring example photos because I feel like it made no sense without them!)
  1. We call it Push and it's SO fun!
  2. But beware, if you play a full game, it could take longer than actually watching the movie, depending on the size of your DVD library.
  3. So you start by pulling the DVDs on your shelf forward.
    Not off the shelf, but forward enough so that there's a clear distinction when a DVD is pushed all the way back. (For photo examples, we'll just work with this one shelf of my collection.)
  4. Then you take turns pushing movies you're not in the mood for that night.
  5. You'll determine how many you push on each turn based on how many people and DVDs you've got
    For example, if I was playing with all 4 of my roommates and all 400 of my DVDs, we'd do quite a few rounds where each of us pushes 5 movies per turn.
  6. As you get closer to the end, eventually you're pushing 1 movie per turn.
  7. The last movie standing is the movie you watch!
    Looks like our fake players are in the mood for an underrated Disney classic!
  8. Variations, for the times when you need to pick faster: pick one or two shelves and play with those, or pick a theme and pull those forward.
    Want to watch a scary movie? Pull those forward and play. Or a chick flick or 80s movies or whatever!
  9. Typically by the end you've got a movie that no one is upset with and is maybe something you wouldn't have thought of first thing
    Notable past winners include The Fugitive, Lucky Number Slevin, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and Blast from the Past!
  10. If you play, let me know what you watched!