June Movies

Turns out June was a busy month and I only watched 5 movies. 🔁=a movie I've seen before
  1. Housesitter
    🔁 Right before I left for Belize, I found out the Starz app will let you download movies to watch offline and this was one of many great options. Watched it on the plane back with a friend who'd never seen it.
  2. Kate and Leopold
    🔁 We still had time on the flight, so we watched this gem.
  3. The Boy Next Door
    Thanks to @PaulScheer and the How Did This Get Made podcast, I decided I might as well stream this on HBO before listening. JLo, I love. This movie, not so much. (Also, I'm watching Jeopardy while writing this li.st and as I'm typing this description, one of the clues was about this movie. 😱😱😱)
  4. Proof of the above point
    But like, that's kinda freaky, right?
  5. Independence Day: Resurgence
    So if Jeff Goldblum wasn't in this, would I have even bothered to see it? We'll never know. I do really love the first one, but I'm also bitter about their inexplicable choice to recast Mae Whitman's character when she's still a consistently working actress (and the best crier on television).
  6. Central Intelligence
    Y'all, I was super excited to see this movie ever since the first trailer and I don't really know why. Maybe watching all the Fast & Furious movies last year made me realize that The Rock is awesome? Anyway, I thought this movie was great. I love a good action comedy.