Inspired by @moonjockey. I was going to focus on years since talkies existed because I haven't see a ton of silent films (Though I do love some Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd!), but then I decided to start at 1934. I've seen some movies from before then, but none that I love so much I want to mention here. Okay, here we go!
  1. 1934 - It Happened One Night
    One of my absolute favorite movies ever!
  2. 1935 - Top Hat
    I don't think I've seen any other movies from this year. But this one will do for a fave because Ginger Rogers is an angel.
  3. 1936 - ?
    I maybe saw Swing Time, but I'm not sure. Those movies run together for me. I'll leave this one blank.
  4. 1937 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    The movie that started it all! I love you, Walt Disney. Honorable Mention: The Awful Truth
  5. 1938 - Bringing Up Baby
    An all-time fave. These two are absolutely hilarious together. HM: You Can't Take it with You
  6. 1939 - Gone with the Wind
    Love this book. Love this movie. HMs: The Little Princess, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Wizard of Oz
  7. 1940 - Rebecca
    This year has some tough competition, but I think I'm giving the edge to Hitchcock. HMs: His Girl Friday, Fantasia, Pinocchio, My Favorite Wife, The Philadelphia Story
  8. 1941 - Suspicion
    These two actors, this director, the ambiguous story - I love it. HMs: Citizen Kane, Dumbo
  9. 1942 - Woman of the Year
    I am a huge fan of Tracy-Hepburn movies. HMs: Casablanca, Bambi
  10. 1943 - ?
    I don't know if I've seen anything from this year either! Maybe the Lassie movie, but I don't remember it.
  11. 1944 - Arsenic and Old Lace
    Cary Grant, I love you. HM: Gaslight
  12. 1945 - Mildred Pierce
    For some reason, we watched this movie in ethics class senior year of high school. I don't remember the point of that, but I did really like the movie.
  13. 1946 - It's a Wonderful Life
    Obviously. HMs: The Big Sleep, Notorious, Song of the South
  14. 1947 - Miracle on 34th Street
    I never believed in Santa, but I do enjoy movies where everyone suddenly realizes he does exist. HMs: The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, The Gentleman's Agreement
  15. 1948 - Rope
    This list is a love letter to Alfred Hitchcock.
  16. 1949 - Adam's Rib
    They're just wonderful. HM: On the Town
  17. 1950 - Cinderella
    I think I read somewhere that Walt's favorite piece of animation ever was Cinderella's ratty dress changing to the ball gown. I don't want to fact check that because I like believing it. Gorgeous. HMs: All About Eve, Cyrano de Bergerac, Sunset Boulevard
  18. 1951 - Strangers on a Train
    Hitchcock again. Sorry about it. HMs: Alice in Wonderland, A Streetcar Named Desire
  19. 1952 - Singin' in the Rain
    Another all-time fave! HM: High Noon
  20. 1953 - Roman Holiday
    It's just so sweet and Audrey is so beautiful. HMs: Peter Pan, Niagara, Kiss Me Kate, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, House of Wax
  21. 1954 - Rear Window
    I can't believe these 2 AMAZING Hitchcock movies came out in the same year?!? This was a tough choice, but I think I like this one better. HMs: Dial 'M' for Murder, Sabrina
  22. 1955 - Lady and the Tramp
    This year had 2 James Dean movies and 2 Hitchcock movies and I just couldn't pick. So those votes canceled each other out and Disney wins! Plus, the rerelease of this in the 80s is the first movie I saw in a theater, so nostalgia helps. HMs: East of Eden, Rebel without a Cause, The Trouble with Harry, To Catch a Thief
  23. 1956 - Giant
    James Dean. Elizabeth Taylor. Rock Hudson. Texas. Duh. HMs: The Bad Seed, High Society, The Killer is Loose, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Searchers, The Ten Commandments
  24. 1957 - An Affair to Remember
    This list is also a love letter to Cary Grant. HMs: Desk Set, Jailhouse Rock
  25. 1958 - Vertigo
    No contest
  26. 1959 - Some Like it Hot
    So many good movies this year! But this is so hilarious, I had to go with it. HMs: Gidget, House on Haunted Hill, North by Northwest, Pillow Talk, Sleeping Beauty
  27. 1960 - Psycho
    Honestly, just one of the greatest movies of all time. Every element is incredible. HM: The Apartment
  28. 1961 - The Parent Trap
    This is just, like, a perfect movie. HMs: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Gidget Goes Hawaiian, The Misfits, 101 Dalmatians, West Side Story
  29. 1962 - To Kill a Mockingbird
    HMs: Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
  30. 1963 - Bye Bye Birdie / Charade
    I could never choose between these two. They're both all-time faves and they get to share the top spot for this year. HMs: The Birds, Flipper, Gidget Goes to Rome, Move Over Darling, The Sword in the Stone
  31. 1964 - A Hard Day's Night
    This movie is so funny and weird and obviously the music is great. And this must've been the year of the musical. HMs: Viva Las Vegas, Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady
  32. 1965 - Help!
    The captions on this picture are hilarious! And so is the movie. And yes, I like it more than that singing nun one. A lot more. HMs: The Sound of Music, Beach Blanket Bingo
  33. 1966 - How to Steal a Million
    HM: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  34. 1967 - Wait Until Dark
    If you've never seen this movie, watch it immediately! Audrey is perfect and it's terrifying. HMs: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Camelot, The Jungle Book
  35. 1968 - Blackbeard's Ghost
    Not a lot of options for me from this year. But I watched this movie over and over as a kid, so I feel good about getting to mention it here. I should find it somewhere and watch it again. HM: Pretty Poison
  36. 1969 - True Grit
    Not as good as the book and I think I like the newer version of the movie better, but I still enjoy this one.
  37. 1970 - The Aristocats
    HM: The Phantom Tollbooth
  38. 1971 - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    But gotta fast forward through "Cheer Up, Charlie" every time I watch. What a miserable song. HM: Play Misty for Me
  39. 1972 - The Godfather
    No contest.
  40. 1973 - Robin Hood
    One of the best Disney movies ever. HMs: American Graffiti, Charlotte's Web, The Exorcist
  41. 1974 - The Godfather, Part II
    Gotta love the rare sequel that's better than the first. HMs: Murder on the Orient Express, Young Frankenstein
  42. 1975 - Jaws
    John Williams with that score though.
  43. 1976 - Rocky
    I fell in love with this series and this character this year. Better late than never! HMs: The Omen, Carrie
  44. 1977 - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    HM: Star Wars (Yes, I like Winnie the Pooh more than Star Wars.)
  45. 1978 - Grease
    I mean, as a grown-ass woman, I have some qualms about the message that Sandy needed to change herself so much just for some dude. But sometimes you just love a movie anyway. HMs: Death on the Nile, Halloween, Superman
  46. 1979 - The Jerk
    HM: Rocky II
  47. 1980 - The Blues Brothers
    And how about that soundtrack?! HMs: Friday the 13th, The Empire Strikes Back, Ordinary People, Superman II
  48. 1981 - Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Not as good as Last Crusade, but still great. HMs: The Evil Dead, Halloween II, Friday the 13th Part 2
  49. If you read this far, bless you.
    Faves from my lifetime are listed here: MY FAVORITE MOVIES FROM EACH YEAR I'VE BEEN ALIVE