I haven't listed in a LONG time. Oops.
  1. I've been wanting some kind of book tattoo for years.
  2. But I love SO many books! How could I pick just one?
  3. Then I had an idea. I could use the shape of the Deathly Hallows to honor Harry Potter and have a different book represented in each of the elements.
  4. So here it is!
  5. Static
  6. Lamppost for Narnia
  7. Sword for The Princess Bride
  8. Auryn in the middle for The Neverending Story
  9. Key for Ready Player One and also The Count of Monte Cristo
  10. Phone for The Babysitters Club
    The foundation of my love of reading, I think. The first books I was ever obsessed with.
  11. My tattoo artist said it's probably her favorite she's ever done. Kinda proud of that.
    Also, her literal birth certificate first name is Secret, so that's rad.