A live tweet list from my live tweet account (@kwatching on Twitter, if anyone's interested)
  1. Watching Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince w/a friend for her 1st time. Might as well tweet my thoughts here so I don't disturb her.
  2. It doesn't happen often, but I love when the main trio gets to sit around and laugh together.
  3. Is letting Luna use magic to fix his nose the bravest thing Harry ever did?
  4. I can't help but wonder how I'd feel about Michael Gambon as Dumbledore if I hadn't seen Richard Harris do it first (and better).
  5. Amortentia smells like spearmint toothpaste, eh Hermione? I guess we all know what flavor toothpaste Ron uses now.
  6. I'm gonna start using "Merlin's beard!" as an exclamation.
  7. What memories would you want to pour into a pensieve and allow someone else to explore with you?
    This should maybe be its own open list...
  8. Ron manages to look so much doofier in his keeper gear than Cormac.
  9. Lavender, girl, get it together. Yes, Ron is great, but you are entirely too desperate.
  10. Most of these movies are a guy's lesson in what not to do with your hair. Hermione's hair, on the other hand, is 💯.
  11. Minerva McGonagall, my hero and my most fun costume ever.
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  12. Hermione's face when Lavender kisses Ron 😭😭
  13. Real talk: there's no way the Ron/Lavender makeout was good. The common room kiss was for sure his 1st & Lav is prob desperate & sloppy
  14. I want someone (maybe Trelawney?) to tell sad, awkward Neville that he'll be mega hot in a few years.
  15. Harry/Ginny flirting is so painfully awkward. She's wearing a bathrobe and she just tied his shoe for him. Why?!
  16. When Slughorn refers to Harry as the Prince of Potions, is that supposed to be a clue about the Half-Blood Prince?
  17. Love potioned by Romilda Vane and almost poisoned at Slughorn's 👎🏻 Dumped by Lavender 👍🏻 Ron manages to come out on top again!
  18. Little known fact: in this scene, Draco was the human model for 👻
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  19. Ginny kisses Harry and then disappears in the Room of Requirement, keeping that awkward flirt game 💯
  20. What would your ideal day look like after you drank a vial of Felix Felicis?
    Another one that should maybe be its own open list...
  21. Tom asking Slughorn about horcruxes makes me think of this list. MY HORCRUXES You're a fool, Tom Riddle.
    And you're a genius, @joemurphy
  22. "Once again, I must ask too much of you, Harry." At least Dumbledore is self-aware.
  23. Sucks that this whole cave adventure with the horrible potion was literally meaningless. Regulus, bro, you couldn't have told anyone?
  24. I mean this is how Albus spent the last hours of life! He could've been eating candy & making cryptic remarks, but he's being tortured!
  25. Ugh. Regulus. You're the second best Black, but only because the competition is severely lacking.
  26. Dumbledore just tried to send Harry to wake Snape in the middle of the night. Worst assignment ever?
  27. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
  28. Ron must've been so confused when Ginny comforts Harry next to D's body. He's already sad, but then like "Why's Ginny holding Harry?"
  29. I wish Minerva could be my mentor. She'd speak hard truth to me when necessary, but I'd still know she loved me. So much wisdom.
  30. The end.