October Movies

🔁=a rewatch
  1. 1.
    The Namesake
    This movie was beautiful. I really want to read the book now.
  2. 2.
    Far from the Madding Crowd
    In theory there's so much to like here - beautiful scenery, Carey Mulligan - but it was only okay. I definitely was bored for most of it.
  3. 3.
    The Nice Guys
    Pretty hilarious. More boobs than I anticipated.
  4. 4.
    The Girl on the Train
    Emily Blunt is great. Honestly my main complaint about this movie is that she's too pretty to play the character as described in the book. Hollywood 🙄
  5. 5.
    🔁 If you haven't seen this since you were a kid, it's worth a rewatch.
  6. 6.
    Money Monster
    George. Julia. I love them. My roommate stayed awake for this whole movie, which is a rave review if you know her.
  7. 7.
    Ride Along
    I love a good action comedy.
  8. 8.
    Ride Along 2
    Like I said.
  9. 9.
    The Haunted Mansion
    I mean, it's fine. Fun to watch since I've finally been on the original ride at Disneyland last summer. I'm very disappointed in myself that this and Beetlejuice are the only Halloween-type movies I managed to watch this month.