The nieces and youngest nephew are still a little too young to say hilarious things, but Denver and Ryder are crushing it.
  1. D: "My new favorite song is 'Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiide."
  2. D: "I'm not going to eat one bite of turkey because they are the cutest animals in the whole world."
  3. D, about his youngest cousin Rhemy: "We need to take a picture of him right now! He's too cute!"
  4. R, eating Cool Whip: "This yogurt is yum yum!"
  5. R: "Uncle Austin! Dad was tickling me and I peed too much!"
  6. D: "Let's take a picture. First the adults, then everyone. Adults up high. Kids down low. Rain in the background would look nice."
  7. D, praying for the meal: "Dear God, thank you for this family. Please let everyone live until they're at least 90 before they die. Thank you for the food. Please let Anna have a nice birthday. And thank you for sending the people to fight the evil King."
  8. R: "Will you hold my hand?" Austin: "Why? Are you scared?" R: "Yes, there are zombies in the woods." (They were nowhere near woods.)
  9. D: "Can I be naked?"
  10. Mom bonus: "Are we taking naked pictures now?"
  11. R, trying to open an umbrella: "Will you help me dress this up?"
  12. For reference, here's a pic of these cuties.
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    L to R: Rayne, Ryder, Denver holding Rhemy, Finley