I've often watched from a distance as people got in relationships and then either disappeared into their own just-the-two-of-them world or started hanging out only with other couples. Fortunately, the people closest to me have been able to do the opposite. There are a lot of benefits to the single friend and the married friend if you stay close!
  1. When you need someone to talk to
    Sure, you love each other and they're often delightful, but often does not equal always. Sometimes you're gonna need to vent. Sometimes you're gonna need to get advice from an objective listener. Sometimes you just need to spend time with someone else for a bit. Your single friends will be here for you!
  2. When your schedule is more restricted
    I've got a lot more ability to be spontaneous than my married friends. If you suddenly find yourself wanting to do something, it's more likely that I can hang with you than another married friend, because I don't have to worry about a husband's or a child's schedule. Let's hang out!
  3. When you move away
    For various reasons, a few of my best friends moved away after getting married. I've been able to visit all of them (even the one who moved to Ethiopia) because I can travel whenever I can afford it! It's harder to pick up and fly somewhere when you've gotta buy more than one plane ticket.
  4. When you have kids
    At some point, it's most likely you're gonna have one or more kids after you get married. (Most likely, but not for everyone, of course.) Once you do, your schedule is even more limited. But guess what! If you still want to be social, but can't afford babysitters all the time, I'm free to come hang with you after bedtime! Get the baby monitor out and we'll watch movies, play games, etc.
  5. When you need a babysitter
    I know your date nights are super important, so I'm willing to come watch your kid sometimes so that you guys can get out and maintain your sanity!
  6. When you leave town
    When you do get to travel, sometimes you've got pets who need to be fed or you just don't want to leave your house empty while you're gone. I've got the freedom to housesit for you! I don't love pets, but I do love you, and I'm totally down to make sure your pet stays alive while you're gone.
  7. When he wants to surprise you
    I've often had the husband of a friend come to me for help because he wants to surprise his wife. It's hard to pull off a big surprise without help! Whether it's gift advice, getting her out of the way so he can set up something fun, or helping with cover stories, I've got your back, bro! (I'm sure @erinflusche will be listing about the most recent example of this soon!)
  8. Learning from you
    It's invaluable to me that I get to see up close from so many friends how marriage works. If I get married someday, I've learned a lot about what to do (and occasionally what not to do) by getting to see my friends' marriages. And I've learned from the great guys my friends have chosen some things I should be looking for. Great examples help keep single people from settling!
  9. Thanks to my married besties for being good at maintaining friendships and loving me well!
  10. And to those of you in relationships, or who will be in one someday, keep your single friends close! Don't disappear completely into a little relationship bubble. Your single friends need you and you need them!
  11. 😘