This was the main list I've thought about off and on and never actually written. Seems like it's time to get it out there.
  1. For a few years as a kid, I was 100% certain I was the best actress around.
  2. I'd never acted in anything beyond plays for family written and performed with siblings and cousins. (@erinflusche)
    Side note: two of them are on YouTube. Maybe I shouldn't, but here they are. Part One: Part Two:
  3. I have always LOVED movies. But knowing the skills I surely had, watching movies with girls approximately my age was difficult because I knew I would've been better.
  4. Here are the roles I most lamented not having for myself.
  5. Lex, Jurassic Park
    The number one hardest for me. This is still an all-time favorite movie and book. I honestly still believe I'd have been better. Ugh.
  6. Alice, Air Force One
    That could've been my head Harrison Ford was kissing! I know you were the Little Princess and all, but I could've been better. Ugh.
  7. Amy, Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    It would've been so fun to film! And I thought the boy she kissed was cute. Ugh.
  8. Jesse, Free Willy
    There's no reason this role had to be played by a boy! Plus I also wanted to be a marine biologist. I would've been better for this role on multiple levels. Ugh.
  9. Toy Soldiers
    There's not a girl in sight in this movie. But I was obsessed with it and knew they needed a female presence. I had an entire plot worked out where I would've played a sister who was visiting on the unfortunate day the school got taken over by terrorists. And before the end I would've gotten to make out with Sean Astin. Ugh.