A tradition with @erinflusche - looking for the creepy things and enjoying this day to the fullest whenever it comes around.
  1. "Bye bye, Kristin."
    Camille said Linus whispered this to my closed door. I didn't hear it, but I'm creeped out by it for sure.
  2. Traffic
    It took a terrifying amount of time to get to Erin's house. Almost as if spooky forces didn't want me to get there...
  3. Smokers
    I saw a lot of people smoking in their cars while in traffic. It's scary that people are still into that.
  4. "I'll be right back."
    Erin said this when going upstairs, even though everyone knows you should never say that when scary things are happening. Thanks, Scream.
  5. Flu almost ruined dinner
    He thought it would be cool to be creative and add different things. Good thing we were able to talk him out of it, otherwise we probably would've died from poisoning or something.
  6. Avery saw a ghost!
    Or at least, I assume she did. She suddenly started crying for no reason, and I can't think of any other possible reason for it. Not on Friday the 13th.
  7. "Baby gone!"
    After Erin took Avery upstairs for bed, Linus kept pointing up and saying this over and over and over. For real, probably over 100 times. He couldn't stop no matter what Flu and Phillip said to try to distract him. It's like he was possessed 😱
  8. Murder!
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    We discovered, investigated, and solved a murder. In case you're wondering, Colonel Mustard killed Mr. Boddy in the Studio with the lead pipe.
  9. Poisoning?
    When Flu opened the box of Sour Patch Kids, the bag inside was already opened. Clearly someone was trying to poison us.
  10. Bananagrams
    We ended the night with a game of Bananagrams, wherein we all had to include scary words. Examples include: bloody, gross, The Purge, jawbone (scary if you're a Philistine and Samson's holding it), and phoned (scary if the call is coming from inside the house)