I watch a lot of TV every week. These are my current favorites.
  1. Jane the Virgin
    This show is basically perfect. Gina is a freaking vision. And who doesn't enjoy a good love triangle?
  2. The Magicians
    It's technically maybe a little early to call this a favorite, but I'm going for it. I loved the book series and I look forward to each new episode. So far so good.
  3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Just hilarious
  4. The People v OJ Simpson
    Again, a little early to say favorite, but it's one of the shows I currently get most excited to watch each week. Interesting to think about all this craziness as an adult now and compare it to what I remember from being a kid.
  5. American Idol
    I haven't watched every season, but it's always interesting to watch the last season of a series. Plus, I love Harry Connick Jr.
  6. Survivor
    The first season I ever watched was the most recent one. Between December 19 and February 14, I watched all of the 19 previous seasons that were available on Amazon Prime. I'm kinda pumped for the new one.
  7. The Goldbergs
    This show is simply delightful. The nostalgia, the comedy, the sweet family stuff - I love all of it.
  8. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
    Going back to the very beginning of Late Night, I've seen every single episode of both shows. How does Jimmy do it? What a joy