I'd never watched Survivor at all until this most recent season. Now I've been binging every season that's available on Amazon Prime. Jeff's voice is constantly in my head saying these things.
  1. "Previously...on Survivor"
  2. *calls someone by their last name or a random nickname*
  3. "Drop your buffs, we're [merged, switching tribes, etc]."
  4. "Worth playing for?"
  5. "Survivors ready? Go!"
  6. "A bit of a learning curve here!"
  7. "You need to concentrate!"
    Said loudly in the middle of a concentration challenge, and I'm sure this isn't distracting at all...
  8. *nonstop chatter during challenges*
  9. "_______ wins reward/immunity!"
    Coupled with two fingers from each hand thrown in the air for some indiscernible reason
  10. "I've got nothing for ya. Grab your stuff and head back to camp."
  11. "It is...time to vote."
  12. "The rules of Survivor state..."
  13. "It's time for you to go."
  14. "The tribe has spoken."
  15. "Bring me your torch."
  16. It took a bit, but after 15 seasons, I love this guy.