Y'all. I am not a crier. But every now and then something just brings the tears up, and today "every now and then" seemed to mean "every few hours." (Disclaimer: when I say cry, I actually mean that I teared up. Tears never actually left my eyes. That's extremely rare.)
  1. "Jesus, You're all I need."
    This was the refrain in a song at church this morning. I think the tears came mostly because I was really, really wanting it to be true. But too often I let other things be "needs" and more important in my life.
  2. Moses died
    I've been helping some girls study the Bible from the beginning, and we're in Deuteronomy now. I finished reading it this afternoon. You know when you read a book and there's a character that's just so wonderful and then they die and you're going to miss them and you cry a little? That's what happened. Moses was a pretty spectacular dude.
  3. That insurance commercial
    I think it's for Travelers Insurance? It shows a dad and his daughter as she grows up. At different points in her life, he wipes tears from her eyes. And then they're dancing at her wedding and she wipes tears from his. 😭 Just typing this made me tear up a little.
  4. A Toys R Us commercial
    I guess it's the time of year for sappy, emotional commercials, huh? This one has a kid and his dad doing stuff, then it's Christmas morning and the kid opens an RC car. The car zooms away, he chases it, and finds his mom in her fatigues, presumably home from war as a Christmas surprise.
  5. My sweet nephew's Christmas pageant
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    Besides the "Happy Birthday Jesus" song his whole class sweetly sang, Denver also got to be one of the kids who recited a Bible verse and he absolutely crushed it. The other kids fumbled through theirs, but his enunciation was 💯 and he even had some hand gestures. Proud aunt tears over here. Here's a not-great picture of him hugging his blurry cousin, Ryder, after the show. (They were too excited to properly pose.)