What makes you feel 👵🏻👴🏼?
  1. I was looking through some old stuff from college and I found notes on a presentation I gave on Langston Hughes. They were on a TRANSPARENCY. For an OVERHEAD PROJECTOR. That's old-timey equipment, y'all, and I used it in COLLEGE. Nooooooooo 👵🏻
  2. We just hired a 21 year old at work. He was born when I was in THE 5TH GRADE. 100% of my interactions with him make me feel old! 😖👵🏼
    Suggested by @mhawkeyem
  3. Everyone on The Bachelor is so young this season!! Early twenties! Then I realized that's how the show has always been. I'm just old now.
    Suggested by @caiters
  4. I might be older than Jon Arbuckle now.
    Suggested by @TVAddict
  5. Remembering when MTV first came on the air and racing home from school to watch the World Premier of new videos.
    Suggested by @jennybird
  6. I'm reading the Ramona Quimby series to my daughter, and I realized that I am now older than Ramona's dad! 😩
    Suggested by @erinflusche
  7. Realizing the "save" button on computers is a floppy disk and that children these days refer to it strictly as "save" and have no idea what it is.
    Suggested by @coreybarger
  8. There's also this bullshit from a couple years ago!
    Suggested by @loriatx