Inspired by @calliestorie
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    I mean, I don't know if this will actually be true, but I'd be down
  2. Static
    A grown-ass man. Yes, please.
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    Especially that last sentence
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  5. Static
  6. Static
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    Technically not a Buzzfeed quiz, but still.
  8. Static
    This is why Veronica Mars is one of my #3fictionalcharacters
  9. Static
    It's a little complicated, but yes.
  10. Static
    Technically I guess I can't say for certain why people like me, but listening is a huge part of my job, so this is a solid bet.
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  12. Static
    Sometimes it seems like all Buzzfeed does is tell me to pay more attention to my emotions 🙄
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    How do they do it?
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    This is the funniest quiz I ever took. The sermon at our church last week was about serving and then someone on our staff made a Buzzfeed quiz to help people figure out where they should serve. I love it.
  15. Static
    Like hip-hop, I was born in the 80s. And people usually describe me as raw, rugged, and vital.
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    If you're into that sort of thing