Since everyone's doing it.
  1. I woke up in Denver and had some time to read before getting ready for the day.
  2. I'm reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson and everyone else needs to read it, too.
    I mean it. EVERYONE.
  3. Then I met my sister's best friend at a coffee shop to catch up on her life.
  4. Came back to my friend's house and got ready for a wedding (the reason I'm in Denver this weekend)
  5. Backstory break: I mentored this girl Rachel for her 4 years of college. We walked through a lot of life stuff together and during her senior year she told me that if she ever dated another guy, he'd have to go through me first. I was 100% down for this, but never expected a guy to actually do it.
  6. A few months later, I got this Facebook message from a guy who'd basically been in love with her for 3 years and who'd recently taken her out on a date.
  7. Immediately followed by another message that said I didn't have to tell Rachel we were meeting, he just wanted to get to know me and hopefully let me know that she's in good hands.
  8. Well, the first thing I did was tell Rachel, obviously. But then we made plans to meet for coffee. I was immediately on board with this guy before we ever met though. The level of intentionality it takes for him to hear her half-jokingly say a guy who wanted to date her would have to go through me and then reach out to someone he's never met
    had me rooting for him from the start. We had coffee and talked for 2 hours and I asked him a bunch of questions about why he liked her and what his intentions were and it was the best.
  9. Back to today, 3 years later.
  10. I got to read Scripture at their wedding and it was beautiful and happy and sweet and tearful.
  11. Look how happy!
    Ugh, I love them so much.
  12. Then I got home before 9 and had time to finish reading Just Mercy.
  13. Pretty solid day.