1. I've been thinking about Voldemort a lot today, and not just because I'm rereading Chamber of Secrets.
  2. Remember when Voldemort first came to power?
  3. He fed into everyone's fears.
  4. Fear of the "other" (Muggles, Muggle-born, etc.)
  5. He had no respect for anyone other than himself and he used everyone he could for his own ends.
  6. He showed off his power and people followed and supported him because they were afraid of not having that power.
  7. He was the darkest of dark wizards.
  8. And people followed him.
  9. Eventually his power was taken away, he was exposed for what he really was, and he disappeared from the scene.
  10. The people who'd followed him had a ton of excuses for why they weren't responsible for their actions. They justified their support of him.
  11. But those who didn't follow him remembered who had.
  12. Their support of a miserable, horrible villain (dark) marked them forever.
  13. I'd hate to be one of them.