In this list NOW WATCHING: HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE, I asked what people's day would look like after drinking a vial of Felix Felicis, but then I figured that should be its own open list. So imagine you could drink some luck potion. What would you be able to do the rest of the day?
  1. I don't know how interesting my day would be to anyone else. The main thing I want right now is a house of my own. So I'd probably drink my potion, have a conversation about a raise, then find the perfect little place & negotiate a sweet deal for it. And then if there was still time, probably stop ISIS or something, so my whole day wasn't selfish
    Ideal house requirement: an extra room that could be a library. Walls lined with bookshelves, one comfy chair in the middle of the room with a lamp and small table next to it for my tea. Simple. Beautiful.