1. Are you going to eat that ? Do you really need that cookie, cake, candy, etc.
  2. Guys only want one thing (totally right on that )
  3. Wow. You ran that 10k. Could you have fun that faster.
  4. Your house doesn't have a basement ? Why ?
  5. Tyler. ( my daughters name is Taylor )
  6. Are you standing up ? ( He is 6'4" and thinks he is taller than everyone )
  7. You don't need that shit.
  8. How much are you putting in your 401k.
  9. How many balls did you lose playing golf?
  10. I sent you an article in the mail. Did you read it ( it has to do with money. No of course I didn't read it.)
  11. Are those new shoes? How many pairs of shoes did you buy ?