Trying to keep this a resume-esque 1 pager. I know what you're thinking- how will she pick just 6???
  1. The Bachelor/ Bachelorette/ Bachelor In Paradise
    I recently attended a live watch party, and it was one of my happiest days of 2015.
  2. Dobby from the Harry Potter Series.
    Ask me anything...
  3. Being able to sense when there is a Dairy Queen in a 12 mile radius of my location.
    I'm currently in a dead zone, making this one of my saddest days of 2015.
  4. Eyebrows
    My eyebrows might or might be the rags to riches story of our generation.
  5. Using Twitter to pass off the Basketball insight of others (thank you Doris Burke) as my own when NBA games are airing at bars.
    "I've never met a girl who knows so much about sports." 😏
  6. Sally Ride
    The coolest woman to ever live.