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For whenever i'm down, tired, or just want to have fun.
  1. Comfort snack
    My comfort food would be anpan. The delicious azuki beans inside is what makes me happy though I intend to eat a whole (big) anpan in one sitting. Then I will contemplate why I did that and think I'll get fat(ter).
  2. Comfort shoes
    Black high cut or low cut converse! This what I wear to school every day. For long walks and sometimes dashing to higher floors, my pairs are reliable. Pictured are my high cuts and my sis' blue.
  3. Comfort album
    Well, this differs every time. Right now I think it's this.
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So I started watching RWBY and I love the series. The fight scenes are breathtaking and so are the characters. Their weapons are so awesome I want to cry. I still haven't started volume 3 yet so no spoilers please.
  1. Crescent Rose
    Petals fly whenever Ruby uses this and I love it so much I would like to have one.
  2. Myrtenaster
    Weiss the ice queen's weapon doesn't really has those elaborate transformations but this is one real gem.
  3. Magnhild
    Both a hammer and a grenade launcher? Perfect.
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Here I describe what has happened or what I was into on a certain age.
  1. 1
    I don't really remember much but this: when my younger sister would finish her baby bottle, I would take it even if it's empty. My mom was encouraging me to drink milk from a glass.
  2. 2
    My aunt let me wear a lot of dresses. Also, my second birthday captured here.
  3. 3
    Fat three year old who was always with a chocolate drink.
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I love fruits but this bunch only 'cause others are just too 'plastic-y' or weirdly soft to me.
  1. Orange
    I remember when I was three, I only sip the juice out and give the rest to my mom.
  2. Grapes
    Grapes are perfect. I don't like raisin though.
  3. Apple
    My sister recommended I eat them with salt and my apple life changed.
  4. Banana
Let's face it, there are times people ask for favors or requests and you don't want to do them even if they're your friend or sister. Here are the reasons I say no.
  1. Do it yourself.
    Don't be a lazy ass and do it yourself.
  2. What the fuck is that?
    Okay, this one is just plain nuts. Sometimes people ask for ridiculous things and the worst part is they think it's pretty normal. I can't hold my pee, okay? So chill.
  3. I don't feel like doing it.
    There are times I'm going to do it with you but not today or tomorrow or any other day.
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My bag... has a lot of stuff in it.
  1. Folder
    containing papers for school and hoarded quiz booklets
  2. Pencil case
    house of my writing materials
  3. Calculator
    good 'ol casio fx-991ES
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I always wanted to be multilingual but whenever I come to the grammar part, I think "Uh oh, this is going to be hard". I'll stop and contemplate whether to entirely quit or continue. I only self study so maybe that's a reason for my difficulty in learning.
  1. Japanese
    Inspired from anime, I wanted to learn Japanese to understand what those big-eyed characters are talking about. My dad even had those dictionaries and guide to the alphabet. I studied but when the grammar started, I winced and decided to put off this language for a while. Now in college, I'm more interested with the kanji but I'm still stuck to first grade characters. Pity, huh.
  2. French
    Equipped only with a French-English and vice versa dictionary, I studied this beautiful language until the grammar and pronunciation came. The horror in my face I will never forget when I tried to pronounce words and understand how a sentence works. Now, I can only pronounce a little French and can even spit that 'merde' you're talking about.
  3. Swedish
    Forgot why I wanted to learn this language though I still have a Swedish-English dictionary in my phone. Actually, Swedish is a little similar to English with the words but the grammar, again, is the reason I put off this language. The pronunciation's unique and enjoyable but it is hard.
I have over 500 songs to choose from but these songs made the cut to my last week's anthems, faves and/or background music.
  1. 1.
    Bury It by CHVRCHES
    From the first lyrics that goes "cover up, cover up, cover up that you're ruthless nobody, nobody, nobody's ever gonna notice", I'm hooked to this song. Lauren's vocals are full of emotions and so are the rest of the lyrics. Makes me want to bury it and rise above too.
  2. 2.
    Cocoon by Catfish and the Bottlemen
    A friend suggested this band to me last summer and I started listening to them just last Tuesday and so far, I'm in love with this song. The moment the songs starts with "I fell straight into your arms", I know I also fell straight to its intoxicating spell.
  3. 3.
    Where the Sky Hangs by Passion Pit
    I had the full album ever since Passion Pit came back but this song has been sitting on my laptop until only school started again. Slow and heartfelt, every time I listen to this, it makes me think that this could be my parents' song when I was born back in 1995.
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