So I started watching RWBY and I love the series. The fight scenes are breathtaking and so are the characters. Their weapons are so awesome I want to cry. I still haven't started volume 3 yet so no spoilers please.
  1. Crescent Rose
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    Petals fly whenever Ruby uses this and I love it so much I would like to have one.
  2. Myrtenaster
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    Weiss the ice queen's weapon doesn't really has those elaborate transformations but this is one real gem.
  3. Magnhild
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    Both a hammer and a grenade launcher? Perfect.
  4. Neptune's Weapon
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    Only saw this weapon in action once and it was awesome! Volume 3, wait for me. (I still don't know the weapon's name.)
  5. Miló and Akoúo̱
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    At first I doubted the javelin and shield tandem but when I saw Pyrrha using these, I changed my mind.